The editorial content has a timeless character and therefore always remains interesting for the reader. You are welcome to download the entire issue as a PDF file free of charge (virus-free).

We would be happy to send you a print version.
For this we charge a shipping cost of 3.00 euros.
It is also possible to place ads in the journal.

It is laid out in the Freiburg area and in the surrounding area.

It also becomes selected locations in Germany such as:
Munich, Cologne, Leipzig and many more shipped for display.
This makes advertising a lot more attractive.

If you pay immediately, you will receive a 20% discount.

Published by: Oase e.V. in Freiburg
Edition: 5,000 / page number 60 / final format A5 / color 4c / c

Media data Life Surfers Journal

Media data Life Surfers Journal
Telephone orders:   0761 - 709 665
Written orders:   U.M.A. Academy
Salzstrasse 25    79098 Freiburg
Email orders:
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UMA  Academy
Universal  &  Multiversal
Awareness  Academy (U.M.A.A.)
Life Surfers House

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