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The academy is a recognized non-profit organization and has been based in Freiburg for 29 years. The sponsoring association is the OASE e.V. - association for the development of the whole person.

More and more people are gradually becoming aware that human life can only become fulfilling if the material and spiritual dimensions, the body and the soul, the exterior and the interior are in balance.

Throughout the years, the academy supports and helps people to achieve mental and holistic health through awareness. Offers of daily meditative relaxation exercises, as well as long-term workshops and seminars, hiking days, weekend courses and individual sessions form a framework that promotes inner balance.
A conscious, intensive examination of our person, which is often narrowed down to fixed thinking and action patterns through experiences, imprints, injuries, etc., is necessary to clearly see these obstacles and to let them go consciously. These steps enable us to connect with life in an open, loving and intelligent way.

The academy offers something for people who yearn for a fulfilling life, who have recognized the limitation of our rather automatic dealings with themselves and with others, or people who are in conflict and crisis situations and feel caught up in immense blockades Space and opportunities to find inner peace. This brings clarity and peace to the world and thus to creative cooperation. The UMAA is a place where truth seekers can find support to become familiar with inner reality.

There is no way to sneak around the truth if we want a really healthy life development for ourselves and society. Life is new every moment! Anything can happen at any moment! The only preparation we can do as a human being is to learn to be awake and present in the present in order to meet and respond to the circumstances in an intelligent, creative, meaningful way! The Life Surfer House with the activities of the UMA Academy forms the basis for this orientation. It is about direct experience and a constant "remembering" instead of just dealing with life theoretically, philosophically and intellectually.
The seminars, the exercises, lectures and trainings etc. form a framework for this.

The job of the academy is at a time when the human mind is mainly concerned with
the material is busy building bridges to the spiritual dimension and man
to help in their search.

The UMA Academy with its sponsoring association OASE e.V. is not a political movement that fights for or against something! It is therefore difficult to understand and convey this. It is not against anyone. The so-called 'opponent' is the 'inner forgetfulness', 'the involvement in one-sided viewing' and the associated misunderstandings and actions! It is not a fighting stance that we have to take for it, but rather to bring light into the dark area. For this, an inner alertness, a deeper and conscious connection with everything that happens inside our life, is crucial. This enables us to find out more about ourselves and each other, as well as life, and to act with spontaneous enthusiasm in and for life!

Anyone who sees and appreciates the importance of such a place can support the continued existence of the academy through voluntary work, donations or long-term loans.

The academy itself is currently in transition. The previous long-term rented premises had to be given up for financial reasons. Our offers and events are currently reduced.
In order to make our entire range available to the public again, new premises are required. For the search, construction and maintenance, we are looking for people who, with understanding and conviction for the project, do this with their time, material e.g. Support with event rooms, equipment or cars, as well as with donations.

The U.M.A. Academy is interested in making a contribution so that life can be made more loving and human for all of us here on Earth. The association is supported by volunteers.

For various projects we are looking for sponsors who support us financially so that
we can continue to maintain our program.

Der Oase e. V., the Academy's sponsoring association, has existed for 29 years and is recognized as a non-profit organization. Donation receipts recognized by the tax office can be issued. With your donation you can help us to continue offering our extensive program and to make it accessible and accessible to more and more people can do.

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