Bhashkar Perinchery is the initiator of the Life Surfers House in Freiburg in the Universale & Multiversale Consciousness Academy.
He is also the initiator of IMU (Inner Metamorphosis University) in Chicago USA.
The project: Transform the world from within and
the Sacred flash mobs (Silence, Laughter, Dance,)
are important initiatives by him.
These are institutions where people can find
support on the inner search.

Bhashkar Perinchery was born in India. He studied film (directing and editing) and also worked for a short time in the film industry. Then he got in touch with people with holistic meditative awareness and that changed his life. Since then he has been leading seminars and workshops, giving lectures and authoring several books, including "VIHAP - The secret to a life full of joy" about the vital harmonization phenomenon and "Bridges to the wonderful", the American version is "The Source of Joy within". He is also the editor of a series of publications entitled "Individual Initiative".
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Bhashkar Perinchery, the initiator of the U.M.A.A. at Life Surfers House says:
"In a conscious perception of the deeper connections that we can experience individually, is the key to healthy, personal development and harmonious coexistence on earth. It is therefore imperative that as many people as possible possible to perceive the deeper reality."

For over 30 years he has been accompanying people on the inner path and giving lectures,
Workshops and long-term seminars at home and abroad.
There is a large selection of talks and series of lectures by him on CDs and DVDs, which can be ordered.

Information about events and one-on-one sessions with Bhashkar Perinchery
can be obtained here from the U.M.A. Academy in Freiburg.

Published videos (see media library - videos) on different topics
from Bh. Perinchery can also be found on the Internet at: and Youtube.

Events with Bhashkar Perinchery

1. Encounter with Bhashkar (also as a live stream on the Internet)

2. Individual sessions (also for couples)

3. Seminars, retreats & workshops:

- Easter seminar in the Black Forest  

- Vacation seminar in Tuscany                   August 15 - 30, 2020

- Autumn seminar in the Black Forest      October 23 -  31, 2020

- Seminar at the turn of the year                 December 28, 2020 - January 4, 2021
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